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Instead of going to bed like I should have I did a quick caricature of Dennis Rader (a.k.a. the BTK serial killer)

I learned a lot about him via The Last Podcast on the Left and was really entertained at the same time. Rader pretended he was tough shit when he was “caught” (he totally wanted to be, though), but look at him. He’s a middle-aged lump of loser. It’s like he’s from Napoleon Dynamite, except it’s directed by the Cohen brothers.

Yeah idk i needed to wind down

Being an adult is hard

And I’m a dingus

A deadly combination indeed

Quickie before bed

Hahahahha…haha…ha… (starts sobbing)

I am trying to learn how to do caricatures but I messed up and he doesn’t look nearly as silly as he should and his proportions are too normal WHOOPS

This is from fiddling around with Alchemy, which is v fun! I slapped on some 5 min coloring but it looked really bad so

also hi-res looks obv better BUT the program has no eraser so i used white and yeah the transparency from that makes it look weird just heads up

haha another quick gajinka, this time of Lileep.

Just a quick chatot gajinka to put off some stress!

AIR joins the team!